RK wedding pipe and drape for event and parties, The pipe system is compose of upright, crossbar, and a solid base, RK can provide various type pipe project, below are hot sell type:


1.Base plate
Foundation for the pipe and drape system. pipe and drape systems starts with steel bases assembly below these are hot sell size:
2.500 x 500 x 5mm
Standard bases offer 3 holes / Our typical rental base contains 8 holes for more flexibility to create pipe and drape solutions.
2.Adjustable Upright
We offer one, two, three selections of slip-lock adjustable uprights that range from 3’ -24’ high (0.9 m – 7.2 m), The end of the upright with 4 slots which can be build at four sides. Also offering application for establishing system side by side. So you can adjust the pipe to different type.
3.Telescopic Crossbar
 A complete selection of adjustable horizontal drape supports – Crossbar ranging from 3’-26’ wide. They are designed to meet any room size and will support the chosen drape.*Telescopic with button click tops

Telescopic pipe and drape sell all over the world many years, and our clients always give us good feedback, so if you have need in it, feel free to contact with me.